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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

by Holly

We are so blessed to have great teachers.  To show appreciation, we made a few things for them this week.  A cup that says “Mrs. *** Rocks (I did with vinyl letters on my Gazelle), a Starbucks gift card inside, a Key chain with their name embroidered on them, Berries, Chicken Soup for the Teachers Soul, flowers, and my favorite part, a notebook paper bag.  I had the kids tell me all the things they love about their teachers, and I printed it on notebook paper, and turned it into a bag.  Jack cracked me up, he added “Donut Sharing”  He thought that was important to thank her for them.  Love it!

Here is how I did it:

Here si Jack’s Bag after I ironed it:

and some berries.  Have I mentioned my love of bakers twine??  It’s so fun.  :)

I hope all of you teachers out there are having a great week.  Thank you for all you do!

Summer Gift Idea: Personalized Towel and Sand Bucket

by Holly

Summer is right around the corner!  How I love summer birthdays.  (Jack, Ella, and I are all in June a week a part from each other, so for 3 weeks, its birthday season!!)   One of my favorite gifts to give is a beach towel with a name embroidered on it, and a Blinged out sand bucket!! I use a low temperature glue gun to hot glue Ice Cream gift cards on the shovel, and a sharpie to write our birthday message on the bucket. I hot glued the stones on too!  Fill Bucket with sand toys, sunglasses, and a new bathing suit.  The birthday boy or girl will be all set for a fun day at the beach!

Here are a few towels I’ve done.  So easy to sew out, and it’s something they love to use!!


Birthday Party Kitty

Beanie Boo Birthday Party

by Holly

It’s time to Celebrate!

Let’s throw a Party!!

1st, we need to pick out a cake at the Bakery:

(Cakes done in the hoop to fit a tea light candle)

Then we need to make some cookies and appetizers:

We need some party hats and decorations:

We need to set the table:

We need to invited some friends:

Have some yummy appetizers girls!!

OK, everyone sit down at the table, we are going to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl:

Turn off the lights so the candle on the cake can light up the room:

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lexi,

Happy Birthday to you!

Cake for everyone!!

The animals used in this set are 6″ Beanie Boos, made by TY.  They can be found at Justice for Girls, and many other retail stores.  The Cakes are done with teal light candles, and would be so cute given as a little gift to a co-worker or a friend.

Almost every little girl I know is collecting them.  I can’t wait to give this set to Lexi for her 11th birthday.  She is going to love it!!!

This set will also work with dolls, hats fit nicely on an 18″ doll, (American Girl Dolls)

Thank You for coming to our party!!  We loved having you over.



Fabric Washi Tape Tutorial and Scrap Fabric Fun

by Holly

Let me first start by saying, it kills me to throw out fabric.  I know even the tiniest piece can eventually turn into something wonderful.  With that being said, I have a stash… Yes, I keep all those extra pieces in a clear plastic zipper bag, a set of sheets once came it.  I love it, because I can turn it all around, and see all the scraps, and zip it when I’m done.  Not only that, the kids know they can get into that stash when they want to, and make anything they dream up!  I love it!!  They have created some really awesome things!!

Here is my Stash:

Lexi and I made Washi Fabric Tape with our scraps for our scrap books.  It was a fun little afternoon.  See tutorial below.

Lexi made a crown out of scraps for her little Beanie Boo.  The Beanie Boo is now a Princess!  She glued a piece from the stash onto a piece of paper, let it dry, cut it out, added some bling, and Volia!  She has a beautiful crown. She even made a necklace from the bead scrap stash.

Here is how we did it:

You will need:  Fabric scraps, Double stick tape, wax paper, and scissors

1st, wash your hands.  (You don’t want to lose your sticky on your tape.) Iron your fabric.  Lay a piece of tape on the wrong side of your fabric.  Turn over, and press onto a piece of wax paper with your finger tips.  Trim along the sides of the tape as close as you can.  Trim the ends with Pinking sheers.  Store on wax paper until you are ready to use.

Fairy Wishing Kit

by Holly

I had to make this little bag.  Both of my girls are all about fairies.  We have all kinds of fairy books, we make fairy gardens, and we are always trying to see one.  It’s so magical, and I love every minute of it.

Everytime we go anywhere,  it seems we can’t pass a fountain, pond, or puddle we don’t stop to wish in.

I made this little bag with a magic wishing wand:

It has fabric on both side with an opening at the bottom to insert a pencil or a popsicle stick.  I curled the ribbon, painted a popsicle stick, added some bling, and voila, it’s ready grant wishes!!

Add them to a pencil.  It’s a wand that writes magical things!!

Can also be used as a pencil topper.  Would be adorable as favors for a Fairy Party, or a Princess Party.  I ordered personalized pencils from OrientalTrading.com.  I love them!! I order them for my Girl Scouts, parties, for Christmas, for gifts!!  They are an easy way to make anything have that extra touch of personalization.

Lexi is crazy about rainbows.  So I thought we needed some fairy dust for all the colors in the rainbow.  This printable little card fits in the purse, just incase you need to help anyone decide what kind of wish they need.

Inside the purse there are pockets.  One for Wishes, and one for Dust.  The bigger section of the purse is perfect for a camera.  You never know when you will spot a fairy and if you’re lucky, you will sneak a picture of one!

Everything done in one hooping.  Even the zipper is done in the hoop!!  Love that!!

Here is my little Ella Rose (her name actually means Beautiful Fairy) So she is my little Fairy Flower.  :)  She is passing out wishes!!

The wishes are about 1″ and thick.  They have stiff felt in the middle, so they are fun little chunky stars.  Lexi wants a million of them.  Looks like I will be making some more.  The good news, I can do a bunch of them in one hooping.

Ella getting out more wishes.  She’ll be granting them all day!!  What do you wish for??


Pumpkin Hat

Monsters and Pumpkins

by Holly

Jack picked out a pumpkin for me…

It sat on my counter just waiting for a fairy godmother to stop by…

Adopt a Monster.  Free download for you!!

Monster comes with a Birth Certificate too!

Pumpkins for Baby’s hair:

Fall Freebie for you!

In the hoop Pumpkin!!

and my little Pumpkin Ella…

I love love love this Halloween outfit.  The Pumpkin Hat is done in the hoop with just a few extra stitches by hand.  Easy Peasy!

Last but not least..  Don’t forget to make some cute cookies for all your friends

I have done a complete tutorial on how to make your cookies look like these:

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween.



Mother’s Day Muffins and Altoid Baby Nursery

by Holly

Every year we go to brunch for Mother’s day with the family.  This year we baked Cinnomon Streusel Muffins for all the Mom’s in the family.  While the muffins were baking, the kids colored the bags, and I hot glued some flowers on.  I think they turned out cute for a last-minute treat.

Me and the kids at brunch:

My new little Altoids Itty Bitty Baby Nursery.  All done in the 4×4 hoop.  This has been a popular little baby!!



baseball cookies for the team

Baseball Fun and Fabric Flower Hair Clips

by Holly

Baseball Fun!!

Jack is 5 and just started Baseball.  Sooooo, when it was our turn for snack, I just had to make baseball cookies.  They were super easy and  a hit!  Even the coaches loved them.  (Usually guys aren’t as excited about cute cookies, but these seemed to do the trick! They Loved them!)

Click here for the tutorial to make cookies: 


I bagged them  with other snacks and goodies, in white bags, added each players name in a baseball font, and tied with Blue (team colors) ribbon with this cute little baseball bead I bought at OrientalTrading.com  (also bought baseball stickers from OTC I used on the backs of the cookie bags to hold the bags shut, and to stick on top of the drink bottles.)  Super cute!!  The kids have had fun making baseball bracelets with the extra beads.  So glad I bought them.

 Here is my handy-dandy wagon I love to hang signs on…  It gets a lot of use…  Girl Scout cookies, Baseball snacks…  this wagon has some tales to tell…


Rah Rah Rah!!  Ella is cheering Jack on!!  Go #8!!!

Here is a close up of the flower in her hair and the socks on her feet:

(See below for more flower clips)

Here is the Tutorial for the Socks:


Here is the tutorial for the Fabric Flowers and Hair Clips


Here’s my little man coming in for a home run!!Batter UP!I got it!!  (love the tounge sticking out!!)#1 Pitcher

Here is TheYummyFactory Baseball Font:


Here is a double pink one I did with lace and tulle:


Covered Hair Clips for my little Ella Rose:

Christmas Baby Shower with a Diaper Tree!

by Holly

I threw a Christmas Baby Shower for Baby Colt this weekend.  It was so much fun doing a Red and White Christmas theme!

I made a Christmas Tree out of Diapers, with a baby blanket as the tree skirt for the center piece.  See the Candy Canes in the Shape of a “C” for baby Colt?

I’m finally offering a tutorial on TYF.  Click on the pic to get there:

We had a coffee Bar with all kinds of Yummy things to decorate your coffee.

I dipped Chocolate Covered Spoons with Holiday Sprinkles for the girls to stir with.  Whip Cream in the middle, Candy Canes, Marshmallows, Butterscotch, Hot Cocoa mix, Red and White Sugar Crystals, Carmel Flavor Coffee Cream (powdered), and of course, Chocolate all around.  In shakers, we had Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Nutmeg.

Everyone really enjoyed decorating their coffees!!

Christmas Cocktails are always fun!!  These are SUPER  Yummy!!

For Lunch Sandwiches and salads.  The silverware was wrapped with Candy Canes.  In the middle of the table was a little tree, each guest could write on an ornament.  She could give her advice, wishes, or poems for the new Mommy.

Elf Helpers are alway fun

She is doing the baby’s room in a Football Theme, hence the football blanket:

Click here for this football font:


Here is a link to a tutorial to make cookies like these:


Holly (Me), Nicole, Calista, and Jamie

These girls are so creative!  Love Love Love to throw parties with them!!

Can’t wait to meet baby Colt!!  Love you Calista!!

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