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Flower Press Tutorial- May Day -Bunco

by Holly

We had so much fun planting flowers in our garden last month, and decided we should have some fun with them.  We made flower presses, and had a May Day Bunco Party!!

Here is how I did it:

For the flower press, we used 2 pieces of press board, (Home Depot)  My husband drilled 4 holes in them,  (make sure to drill through 2 pieces at the same time so the hole line up and mark the front and back corner of one side so you always know how to line it up later)  Add some nuts, bolts, and washers.  I had him cut 2 big sheets so each of my Girl Scouts could take home their own flower press to keep.  They cost about $2.50 each when finished.  :)  I also have a big one, with about 16 bolts in it my Dad made for me years ago.  Love it.  I have used it so many times.  Thanks again Dad for always helping me with all my projects.  (I have him working on another project right now)  :)

Adding Flowers:

Open the press, and lay a piece of white typing paper in the press over the bolts. add flowers.  Be sure to lay them face down as flat as possible:

Put a 2nd sheet of white paper on top of that.  Put the top of the flower press back on, and tighten down all the bolts.

Tighten them again every few days.  Wait about a month, and open your press.  Beautiful dried flowers!!

To laminate, I used laminator pockets from Wal-Mart, and a laminating machine, (also bought at Wal-Mart) and added all of my flowers and numbers (cut out on my Gazelle) and ran it through once.

Cut out and your done!

For the Bunco party, I hand painted flowers on each score sheets.  I did these in about 30 minutes, so excuse my not so perfect flowers:

I think this one was my favorite:

My Mom did the cutest little May Pole with mini Wine bottles for favors:

This May Pole was done with a styrofoam ball on a stick stuck in a bucket filled with cement.  Hot Glue, Hot Glue, Hot Glue!!

I made quick little cupcakes and added edible glitter for some sparkle.  Cute cups from Michael’s.

Here is the prize table/ Dessert Table:

Here is the dining table, love love love the twinkle lights and candles.  It was so cute:

Hope you as inspired to press some flowers in your garden.  I have been pressing flowers for years, and have made all kinds of fun things, and saved flowers from important events in my life.  Love all my little keepsakes.   My Girl Scouts made really cute book markers out of theirs.  Wish I had pics to show you.


Birthday Party Kitty

Beanie Boo Birthday Party

by Holly

It’s time to Celebrate!

Let’s throw a Party!!

1st, we need to pick out a cake at the Bakery:

(Cakes done in the hoop to fit a tea light candle)

Then we need to make some cookies and appetizers:

We need some party hats and decorations:

We need to set the table:

We need to invited some friends:

Have some yummy appetizers girls!!

OK, everyone sit down at the table, we are going to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl:

Turn off the lights so the candle on the cake can light up the room:

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lexi,

Happy Birthday to you!

Cake for everyone!!

The animals used in this set are 6″ Beanie Boos, made by TY.  They can be found at Justice for Girls, and many other retail stores.  The Cakes are done with teal light candles, and would be so cute given as a little gift to a co-worker or a friend.

Almost every little girl I know is collecting them.  I can’t wait to give this set to Lexi for her 11th birthday.  She is going to love it!!!

This set will also work with dolls, hats fit nicely on an 18″ doll, (American Girl Dolls)

Thank You for coming to our party!!  We loved having you over.



Valentine’s and a Toddler Wedding!

by Holly

Toddler Wedding

I had to share this.  It was just too cute.  Lexi and her BFF Bella wanted to be sisters.  Soooo, they decided to marry off their little brother and sister and we were all invited to a surprise wedding!!

They dressed up the Bride and Groom with clothes they found in the closets. They did Ella’s hair with glitter and a tiara.  Beach towels for the aisle, Rose Petals, Cake, and Vows.  Of course , all the Beanie Boo were guests.  The flowers were picked from the yard to make the bouquet. They had Danny walk Ella down the aisle, while Bella played the wedding march on a kazoo. The Groom waited for her with his Daddy as the best man.  It was a perfect little wedding.

Feeding each other cake:

Tossing the bouquet:

The Ring:

The happy little Bride:

a little history on these babies

My BFF Calista pinky swore years ago that if I ever had another baby, she would have one too.  When I got pregnant with Ella, they started trying right away.  It took them 2 1/2 years, a miscarriage, and a tubal pregnancy before she got pregnant with this little guy.  He just turned one a few days ago, and we just love him to pieces!!  Thanks for following through on the pinky swear Calista, I love you!

Fun for Valentine’s Day

My Girl Scout Troop was earning their Jewelery Making Patch last night, and I decided to add this one I found on Pinterest in as a started activity.  The girls really had fun with this one.  They wore them through the whole meeting and kept flashing their bling!  Lexi and Jack are going to pass these out to the girls in class on Valentine’s Day.  Easy and Cute!!  Love it!

Hersey Kiss Rings:

 Heart S’mores!!  I had fun making these.  They were quick and easy.  I did them in about 45 mins and the girls loved them.  Perfect little snack for our busy meeting.

Heart Shaped S’mores

Wishing you all a Happy Heart Day!! Now go make something for someone you love!

Fairy Wishing Kit

by Holly

I had to make this little bag.  Both of my girls are all about fairies.  We have all kinds of fairy books, we make fairy gardens, and we are always trying to see one.  It’s so magical, and I love every minute of it.

Everytime we go anywhere,  it seems we can’t pass a fountain, pond, or puddle we don’t stop to wish in.

I made this little bag with a magic wishing wand:

It has fabric on both side with an opening at the bottom to insert a pencil or a popsicle stick.  I curled the ribbon, painted a popsicle stick, added some bling, and voila, it’s ready grant wishes!!

Add them to a pencil.  It’s a wand that writes magical things!!

Can also be used as a pencil topper.  Would be adorable as favors for a Fairy Party, or a Princess Party.  I ordered personalized pencils from OrientalTrading.com.  I love them!! I order them for my Girl Scouts, parties, for Christmas, for gifts!!  They are an easy way to make anything have that extra touch of personalization.

Lexi is crazy about rainbows.  So I thought we needed some fairy dust for all the colors in the rainbow.  This printable little card fits in the purse, just incase you need to help anyone decide what kind of wish they need.

Inside the purse there are pockets.  One for Wishes, and one for Dust.  The bigger section of the purse is perfect for a camera.  You never know when you will spot a fairy and if you’re lucky, you will sneak a picture of one!

Everything done in one hooping.  Even the zipper is done in the hoop!!  Love that!!

Here is my little Ella Rose (her name actually means Beautiful Fairy) So she is my little Fairy Flower.  :)  She is passing out wishes!!

The wishes are about 1″ and thick.  They have stiff felt in the middle, so they are fun little chunky stars.  Lexi wants a million of them.  Looks like I will be making some more.  The good news, I can do a bunch of them in one hooping.

Ella getting out more wishes.  She’ll be granting them all day!!  What do you wish for??


Dog Birthday Party!!

by Holly

I am so excited to share this 1st birthday party with you!!  My sister-in-law out did herself.  She is a new mom, and new to embroidery.  She did everything so adorable, it just couldn’t stop taking pictures!!  Take a peek at my little nephew Cole’s 1st Birthday Party:

She sewed out a Birthday Banner from TheYummyFactory:

She embroidered a YummyFactory High Chair Banner:

She made TYF in the hoop dogs for all the kids to adopt:

Kids loved coloring the dogs.  She even had adoption certificates and collars for them.  My Grandma wanted to take one home, so the kids did a pink one with a bow.  I wish I had a picture of them all, they turned out so cute!!

The cookies were sugar cookies and Oreos.  Click on the pic for the tutorial page:

The Paw Print cookies are chocolate dipped Oreos with M & M’s and Hersey Drops.  So cute!!

Cake Pops.  Ears done my letting melted chocolate dry in a spoon, nose is a half of an M & M.  Eyes piped on with royal icing. (recipe in my cookie tutorial.)

She wrapped water bottles,  and fancy tags on the straws

had little bones glued on toothpicks for the cheese picks.  The Dog Bones were made from Pretzel sticks and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.  Really yummy, kind of like a s’more!

Here is our tag on the presents we gave Cole.  I had fun using a paw print in his name on the tag  to go with his theme.

We all sang Happy Birthday to the little man, as Sparklers lit up his cake!!

What a great Party Jennifer!!  I love you!  I am so glad you’re my sister-in-law.




ice cream

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

by Holly

I scream! You Scream!  We all scream for Ice Cream!!

What can I say?  I know it’s only April, but I can’t wait for summer to get here.  It was hot today, and the kids were in the pool, so I had to make something summery-yummy! 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Carmel Ice Cream Cones!!

Here is a pic of mine.  It was just as tasty as it looks.  Carmel dripping all over the place.  It was wild!

So here’s how easy they are:  I love these little chocolate cups.  You can get them in the grocery store by the fresh strawberries, they are called “Dolci”.  They are the best!!  Heat in the microwave, dip, and throw them away.  Zero mess!

I crunched up Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, and I have to tell you, if you haven’t tried it on vanilla ice cream, you need to.  It’s Amazing!!  Add a little carmel, maybe a banana.  Trust me, your mouth will smile, (FOR A WEEK!) 

So dip, sprinkle the crunched cereal, and add sprinkles, anything you have in your stash.  Then Set on a piece of parchment paper to dry.

Find some kids, (and adults, a-hem) and start scooping!!

Then make them all smile at you, when all they really wanna do is eat the yummy treat you just gave them! 

baseball cookies for the team

Baseball Fun and Fabric Flower Hair Clips

by Holly

Baseball Fun!!

Jack is 5 and just started Baseball.  Sooooo, when it was our turn for snack, I just had to make baseball cookies.  They were super easy and  a hit!  Even the coaches loved them.  (Usually guys aren’t as excited about cute cookies, but these seemed to do the trick! They Loved them!)

Click here for the tutorial to make cookies: 


I bagged them  with other snacks and goodies, in white bags, added each players name in a baseball font, and tied with Blue (team colors) ribbon with this cute little baseball bead I bought at OrientalTrading.com  (also bought baseball stickers from OTC I used on the backs of the cookie bags to hold the bags shut, and to stick on top of the drink bottles.)  Super cute!!  The kids have had fun making baseball bracelets with the extra beads.  So glad I bought them.

 Here is my handy-dandy wagon I love to hang signs on…  It gets a lot of use…  Girl Scout cookies, Baseball snacks…  this wagon has some tales to tell…


Rah Rah Rah!!  Ella is cheering Jack on!!  Go #8!!!

Here is a close up of the flower in her hair and the socks on her feet:

(See below for more flower clips)

Here is the Tutorial for the Socks:


Here is the tutorial for the Fabric Flowers and Hair Clips


Here’s my little man coming in for a home run!!Batter UP!I got it!!  (love the tounge sticking out!!)#1 Pitcher

Here is TheYummyFactory Baseball Font:


Here is a double pink one I did with lace and tulle:


Covered Hair Clips for my little Ella Rose:

Easter Fun for the Kids

by Holly

For the last week of school, before spring break, I always send something fun to school each day for the kids.

Here are a few of the things I have been up to this week:

I made snack bags for them, (I know, Ella is too little for school, but she can bring her snacks when we go on our Easter picnic in the park.)

The font I use is new, and I have to say, I am loving it!  The fill pattern is a diamond fill, and well, it makes me happy.  :) Maybe it’s the diamonds… Here’s the link for the font:


I painted some white Lunch bags for when we go on our annual picnic to the Easter Eggstravaganza.

Here is how I did it:

I made hair clips for the girls with these little bunnies I bought, and since I have a whole bag of them,  I hot glued them on to the ends of the spoons too!  :) 

“Easter Egg Lunch Hunt” I fill 3-5 eggs each day to stick in the lunch pails, snack bags and back packs. Sometimes it’s a toy, or a little eraser, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s a coupon to go someplace fun.  When I pick them up from school each day, they can’t wait to tell me what they found in the eggs during the day.  The smiles on their little faces make it all worth it.  :)

Yes.  I dyed the egg salad sandwiches.  Hard boil, peel, take the yolk out, soak for a few hours in food coloring.  Mix as usual. Easy Peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Hoppy Day!














over the rainbow

Rainbow Art Party!!

by Holly

Rainbow Art Party for Lexi Monet’s 10th Birthday!

I had so much fun with this party theme! Love It!

The Invite:

 A little art portfolio made from a paint chip of course.  :)  I photo shopped a bunch of pics of Lexi, put them on a strip of paper, folded , and glued them to make a little art book.

When you open the portfolio these are the pages you see:


Rainbow Food and Drinks

BBQ and Rainbow fun!!


Fortune Drinks!  Drop a few drops of food coloring in each glass, fill with ice, and let the girls pick a glass.  Then fill them with 7Up.  As the 7Up fills the glass the color magically appears. The girls loved it!

Paint Chip Silverware holders.  I quickly sewed 2 of them together with a fun stitch.  :)

Paint Chips!  Yes, actually Paint your chips!!! Ranch dip mix in all colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Mashed Potatoes.  So weird to eat blue mashed potatoes.

Over the Rainbow Fruit Kabobs.  Love this one!!  Just slice off a little on the bottom of the melon so it stands up straight 


See the paint chip Birthday banner?  :)  Love it!!

The Freckle Game

  Girls have 1 minute to put as many freckles on their friend’s face.  Freckles were made from hole punching construction paper.  Freckles applied with water.  The girls LOVE LOVE LOVED this game!!

They even Freckled Ella!

Draw a Friend Game: 

Have girls sit in a circle, and give each girl a piece of paper, and ask them to write their name on the paper. Draw a circle, pass right, draw an eye, pass right,  another eye, pass right, draw hair, pass right, and so on… Girls loved to see the final portraits.  It was a good laugh.

We hung them all up on the window for everyone to see. Later they became the cover for each art portfolio the girls took home.

Guess Your way down the Rainbow Game

Line the ground with two rows of rainbow construction paper.  All girls start at the end of the rainbow.  I held a small toy in either my right or left hand for each round.   Girls had to decide to stand on the left red or right red square.  If they guess the correct hand, they get to advance to the next color of the rainbow.  First girl to the end of the rainbow wins!  They loved it so much they asked to play again.


Time for Cupcakes!!

Paint Chip Cupcake topper.  I just cut strips, rolled them, pulled to get them to stay, and hot glued onto a circle card stock.  I also made them to go in the girl’s hair by hot gluing them onto hair clips.  Super easy and love how they turned out!

Inside I did the cake rainbow by using white cake mix, separating into little bowls, coloring each bowl, and spooning in one color at a time into each cupcake.  Everyone of them got eaten.  Loved the fun little rainbow cakes!!

The paint palettes were so last-minute!!  I printed a page of paint palettes to use as a template.  I piped melted chocolate on wax paper with template under as a guide.  I let them dry, turned them over and piped royal icing dots on the top.  I finished them all in about 30 minutes. :)


Before the party, I painted No.2 pencils and sealed them with acrylic spray to go in the art portfolios.



Paint Chip Banner!! (We call this the Tree house, even though it is not in a tree, the girls had lunch up there.  It’s the secret non-parent place)

Close up of this kind of bow.  Again, hot glue and paint chip strips. Have I mentioned I had a too much fun with paint chips?

Finally Lexi opened all of her presents. 


Happy 10th Birthday to our little Lexi Monet!!  We are so proud of you, and love you so much!!  So lucky to be your Mommy. Hugs

Valentine Freebies and DIY Heart Shaped Chips

by Holly

Getting excited for Valentines Day!! I just made them some hearts.  OK, a lot of them.  Enough to give one each day the 1st through the 14th of February for both Lexi and Jack.  I am planning on sticking them in pockets, in the car, in backpacks.  Just about any and everywhere I think they will look.  I am hoping it will remind them during their day how much I love them.  Each one can turned in for a piece of Valentine Candy.

Download free Valentine Hearts for a limited time on TheYummyFactory Facebook Page!!


Or saved to play games.  Like Tic Tac Toe, Catch, or a Game of Toss with Heart Shaped 50- 100- 500 taped to the tile. :)

We (I actually mean, my husband) made Mexican food last night.  (My very Favorite!!  Hoping to get recipes down to blog about it.  Too tasty not to share with you!)  Anyway,  I made heart-shaped tortilla chips from regular corn tortillas.  Soooo ridiculously easy, yet, the kids had so much fun with them, you would have thought I invented sliced bread.  I see a lot more shaped chips in our near future.  Here is one of Lexi’s Heart Chips with her dinner stacked on it. 

This is how I made them:

Easy Right?  Now go make some.  You’re kids will think you are a genius!  They are too YUMMY not to!

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