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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dog Birthday Party!!

by Holly

I am so excited to share this 1st birthday party with you!!  My sister-in-law out did herself.  She is a new mom, and new to embroidery.  She did everything so adorable, it just couldn’t stop taking pictures!!  Take a peek at my little nephew Cole’s 1st Birthday Party:

She sewed out a Birthday Banner from TheYummyFactory:

She embroidered a YummyFactory High Chair Banner:

She made TYF in the hoop dogs for all the kids to adopt:

Kids loved coloring the dogs.  She even had adoption certificates and collars for them.  My Grandma wanted to take one home, so the kids did a pink one with a bow.  I wish I had a picture of them all, they turned out so cute!!

The cookies were sugar cookies and Oreos.  Click on the pic for the tutorial page:

The Paw Print cookies are chocolate dipped Oreos with M & M’s and Hersey Drops.  So cute!!

Cake Pops.  Ears done my letting melted chocolate dry in a spoon, nose is a half of an M & M.  Eyes piped on with royal icing. (recipe in my cookie tutorial.)

She wrapped water bottles,  and fancy tags on the straws

had little bones glued on toothpicks for the cheese picks.  The Dog Bones were made from Pretzel sticks and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.  Really yummy, kind of like a s’more!

Here is our tag on the presents we gave Cole.  I had fun using a paw print in his name on the tag  to go with his theme.

We all sang Happy Birthday to the little man, as Sparklers lit up his cake!!

What a great Party Jennifer!!  I love you!  I am so glad you’re my sister-in-law.




Ghost Buster Lunch fun!

by Holly

My kids have been watching the Ghostbusters movies, and loving them!

Sooooooooo, I decided to play a joke on them. (from their little sister of course)

I glues the 2 circles shown above back to back.  I’m putting this in their morning snack bags for school.  Doesn’t every Ghostbuster need an offical badge?

It says “You might need this at luch today”

Then, when they have lunch, they will find a GHOST!

The Tag says “Hope you have a BOO-tiful Day!” Love, Ella (AKA Boo Boo) ((we call her Boo Boo))

You can download a PDF if you would like to send a Boo-tiful Sucker to a Ghostbuster you know.  Look on my yahoo group under Halloween Fun for the free download:


Ghosts are Dum Dum suckers with an 8″ square piece of white cotton cloth, and Sequin eyes of course.  :)

Here is my very sad attempt to draw pumpkin faces on spoons with a sharpie. The kids love them.  I guess they aren’t as picky as Mommy.

Last but not least, my fun little Napkin Notes:

  These are re-usable napkins.  I embroidered lunch notes on each of them, and have to say, I am really enjoying having these to put in the lunches.  They love telling my about the message they got.

Have a Boo-tiful Day!!


Pumpkin Hat

Monsters and Pumpkins

by Holly

Jack picked out a pumpkin for me…

It sat on my counter just waiting for a fairy godmother to stop by…

Adopt a Monster.  Free download for you!!

Monster comes with a Birth Certificate too!

Pumpkins for Baby’s hair:

Fall Freebie for you!

In the hoop Pumpkin!!

and my little Pumpkin Ella…

I love love love this Halloween outfit.  The Pumpkin Hat is done in the hoop with just a few extra stitches by hand.  Easy Peasy!

Last but not least..  Don’t forget to make some cute cookies for all your friends

I have done a complete tutorial on how to make your cookies look like these:

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween.



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