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Fairy Wishing Kit

by Holly

I had to make this little bag.  Both of my girls are all about fairies.  We have all kinds of fairy books, we make fairy gardens, and we are always trying to see one.  It’s so magical, and I love every minute of it.

Everytime we go anywhere,  it seems we can’t pass a fountain, pond, or puddle we don’t stop to wish in.

I made this little bag with a magic wishing wand:

It has fabric on both side with an opening at the bottom to insert a pencil or a popsicle stick.  I curled the ribbon, painted a popsicle stick, added some bling, and voila, it’s ready grant wishes!!

Add them to a pencil.  It’s a wand that writes magical things!!

Can also be used as a pencil topper.  Would be adorable as favors for a Fairy Party, or a Princess Party.  I ordered personalized pencils from OrientalTrading.com.  I love them!! I order them for my Girl Scouts, parties, for Christmas, for gifts!!  They are an easy way to make anything have that extra touch of personalization.

Lexi is crazy about rainbows.  So I thought we needed some fairy dust for all the colors in the rainbow.  This printable little card fits in the purse, just incase you need to help anyone decide what kind of wish they need.

Inside the purse there are pockets.  One for Wishes, and one for Dust.  The bigger section of the purse is perfect for a camera.  You never know when you will spot a fairy and if you’re lucky, you will sneak a picture of one!

Everything done in one hooping.  Even the zipper is done in the hoop!!  Love that!!

Here is my little Ella Rose (her name actually means Beautiful Fairy) So she is my little Fairy Flower.  :)  She is passing out wishes!!

The wishes are about 1″ and thick.  They have stiff felt in the middle, so they are fun little chunky stars.  Lexi wants a million of them.  Looks like I will be making some more.  The good news, I can do a bunch of them in one hooping.

Ella getting out more wishes.  She’ll be granting them all day!!  What do you wish for??


Charlie Brown Thanksgivng Party

by Holly

I threw a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Toy Drive Party last night with my Girl Scout troop, and a couple of Jack’s Boy Scouts came too.  It was so much fun!!

I have a download on my yahoo group for all the printables for this party under files:


Charlie Brown water bottle wraps, just print on yellow paper and hot glue:

Of course, we had a traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast just like in the movie:



Jelly Beans and Pretzels

We also had Hot Cocoa.  I printed Peanuts Characters for the tops of the cocoa cups, (I used disposable coffee cups with lids, these can be found at Walmart or Target) I cut out the peanuts characters (in the download) with a 2″ cutter and Hot Glued to the tops.  The kids loved picking their lids:

I even decorated the Cocoa Pot:

I decided to make a Be Thankful Banner to hang in my kitchen, will have it available on TYF before next Thanksgiving I promise ;) :

Here is a close up.  I am loving these little Turkeys.. (available at TheYummyFactory.com) I have them everywhere, I even glued 2 of them on the sides of a cheapy hair clip and stuck it in my hair!

I even glued them to flameless tealights to go with our Scarecrow family, the glittery leaves were in my stash and I hot glued them onto some ribbon, can you tell I was a hot glue queen for a day?

I embroidered our names on felt and hot glued on these little scarecrows.  I just love our little scarecrow family…

Craft Table for the early birds, this table-cloth to color and play game on I found at Wal Mart:

The kids gathered their snacks and found a seat in our movie theater (Our living room)

We watched Charlie Brown try to kick the football, and laughed… (Lucy is so mean!)

After our Movie we had a raffle.  Each kid got one ticket for each toy donated to the toy drive, just look at some of the toys donated that will go to kids that really need a smile this Christmas, (it makes me so happy, such good little deed doers!!):

I passed out a ton of tickets!!

We called the numbers and every kid went home with a prize.   They loved it!

We also played another thanksgiving game the next day, (in the download on yahoo)  Kids have to find the peanuts characters around the house and hole punch their sheets every time they find one.  First one to find them all wins!!

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving,


The Huddleston Family

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