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Geocaching Kit for Girl Scouts

by Holly

I designed this kit for my Girl Scout troop, who are earning their Geocaching badge, and thought I would share.  It’s great family fun, and the best part, it’s free!

For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a worldwide treasure hunt with about 2 million of them hidden. You find them with a GPS.  When you find it, you sign the log book, and some of them have Swag, (treasures) you can trade with.  You probably have them right around the corner from where you are right now.  Go to Geocaching.com to see what is around you.  You can download a free ap on your phone too.  I bought the $9.99 version for my iPhone, and it’s worth every penny.   We go Geocaching all the time.  It’s so fun!!

I took my Girl scouts on a Geocaching bike ride, we feed ducks, played in a park, and hunted for Cache. It was so much fun!!  You must try it!

They found the 1st one!!  Yay!!

Here are my Girl Scouts Looking for Cache at the duck pond:

This little box is a First Aid box found at Wal-Mart for $1.00.  Which we used what was inside on our First Aid Badge. (Will post that one later)

A little Log Book.  Just Print the cover on Card Stock, and print a few more pages on regular paper, staple in the middle and fold.  Easy Peasy!  Love my little pink pencil to go with.  {{Squeal}} The back says “God Bless You”

The inside lid has the Girl Scout Law glued in so you can see it when you open it.  Then our Swag.  Love to find swag!!  Swag is treasure you find/ exchange while out Geocaching.  We got out our bling, and Mod Podge, and had ourselves a little Swag party!!  For the clear rocks, with the pics under them, I printed things on picture paper, and then Mod Podged to the bottoms.  For the Hello, and Bless You, I just wrote on scrapbook paper with a pen, and MP it with a thin coat.  The Hearts are actually fabric scraps, MP on.  The little flowers were cut with a tiny hole punch, and some bling was added.  Now we have a whole box of swag to trade!!

Here is the SWAG necklace Lexi wears when we hunt.  She keeps pieces of swag to trade and a pen inside.  She has it on a long necklace so she can wear it.  It is the perfect swag necklace.  Hands are free to hunt for Geocache and she has the things she needs handy.

It’s done in the hoop, click on the pic to get to the link

Hope you are inspired to go Geocaching.  Trust me, you’ll love it!!

Here are some printables for you.  Open them in a Paint Program

Geocaching Set ItsaYummyLifecom


Birthday Party Kitty

Beanie Boo Birthday Party

by Holly

It’s time to Celebrate!

Let’s throw a Party!!

1st, we need to pick out a cake at the Bakery:

(Cakes done in the hoop to fit a tea light candle)

Then we need to make some cookies and appetizers:

We need some party hats and decorations:

We need to set the table:

We need to invited some friends:

Have some yummy appetizers girls!!

OK, everyone sit down at the table, we are going to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl:

Turn off the lights so the candle on the cake can light up the room:

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lexi,

Happy Birthday to you!

Cake for everyone!!

The animals used in this set are 6″ Beanie Boos, made by TY.  They can be found at Justice for Girls, and many other retail stores.  The Cakes are done with teal light candles, and would be so cute given as a little gift to a co-worker or a friend.

Almost every little girl I know is collecting them.  I can’t wait to give this set to Lexi for her 11th birthday.  She is going to love it!!!

This set will also work with dolls, hats fit nicely on an 18″ doll, (American Girl Dolls)

Thank You for coming to our party!!  We loved having you over.



Pumpkin Hat

Monsters and Pumpkins

by Holly

Jack picked out a pumpkin for me…

It sat on my counter just waiting for a fairy godmother to stop by…

Adopt a Monster.  Free download for you!!

Monster comes with a Birth Certificate too!

Pumpkins for Baby’s hair:

Fall Freebie for you!

In the hoop Pumpkin!!

and my little Pumpkin Ella…

I love love love this Halloween outfit.  The Pumpkin Hat is done in the hoop with just a few extra stitches by hand.  Easy Peasy!

Last but not least..  Don’t forget to make some cute cookies for all your friends

I have done a complete tutorial on how to make your cookies look like these:

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween.



baseball cookies for the team

Baseball Fun and Fabric Flower Hair Clips

by Holly

Baseball Fun!!

Jack is 5 and just started Baseball.  Sooooo, when it was our turn for snack, I just had to make baseball cookies.  They were super easy and  a hit!  Even the coaches loved them.  (Usually guys aren’t as excited about cute cookies, but these seemed to do the trick! They Loved them!)

Click here for the tutorial to make cookies: 


I bagged them  with other snacks and goodies, in white bags, added each players name in a baseball font, and tied with Blue (team colors) ribbon with this cute little baseball bead I bought at OrientalTrading.com  (also bought baseball stickers from OTC I used on the backs of the cookie bags to hold the bags shut, and to stick on top of the drink bottles.)  Super cute!!  The kids have had fun making baseball bracelets with the extra beads.  So glad I bought them.

 Here is my handy-dandy wagon I love to hang signs on…  It gets a lot of use…  Girl Scout cookies, Baseball snacks…  this wagon has some tales to tell…


Rah Rah Rah!!  Ella is cheering Jack on!!  Go #8!!!

Here is a close up of the flower in her hair and the socks on her feet:

(See below for more flower clips)

Here is the Tutorial for the Socks:


Here is the tutorial for the Fabric Flowers and Hair Clips


Here’s my little man coming in for a home run!!Batter UP!I got it!!  (love the tounge sticking out!!)#1 Pitcher

Here is TheYummyFactory Baseball Font:


Here is a double pink one I did with lace and tulle:


Covered Hair Clips for my little Ella Rose:

Piggy Bank Mad Money

Piggy Banks

by Holly

I am not sure why I love Piggy Banks so much?  Maybe because they hold treasure, that holds dreams, that can eventually bring great joy to the beholder.  No one ever saves for anything bad, it’s always something grand, exciting, or fun.  I love it!!  Piggy banks for Everyone!!

Each Piggy is done in one hooping, easy peasy!!  Piggy Banks in 3 sizes: 4×4, 5×6, & 6×7

Click on this link to get to the Piggy Banks:


 This little piggy could also be for Laundry Money, Funny Money, Swear Piggy, (you have to pay the piggy every time you say a bad word) Vacation Money, Gas Money, Hopes & Dreams, Bingo Money, scrapbook money.

A set of 3: Give, Save, Live

Love the set of 3…

Jack’s Piggy had to be Baseball fabric,  He’s my little baseball Star! 

What will your piggy say?

Easter Fun for the Kids

by Holly

For the last week of school, before spring break, I always send something fun to school each day for the kids.

Here are a few of the things I have been up to this week:

I made snack bags for them, (I know, Ella is too little for school, but she can bring her snacks when we go on our Easter picnic in the park.)

The font I use is new, and I have to say, I am loving it!  The fill pattern is a diamond fill, and well, it makes me happy.  :) Maybe it’s the diamonds… Here’s the link for the font:


I painted some white Lunch bags for when we go on our annual picnic to the Easter Eggstravaganza.

Here is how I did it:

I made hair clips for the girls with these little bunnies I bought, and since I have a whole bag of them,  I hot glued them on to the ends of the spoons too!  :) 

“Easter Egg Lunch Hunt” I fill 3-5 eggs each day to stick in the lunch pails, snack bags and back packs. Sometimes it’s a toy, or a little eraser, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s a coupon to go someplace fun.  When I pick them up from school each day, they can’t wait to tell me what they found in the eggs during the day.  The smiles on their little faces make it all worth it.  :)

Yes.  I dyed the egg salad sandwiches.  Hard boil, peel, take the yolk out, soak for a few hours in food coloring.  Mix as usual. Easy Peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Hoppy Day!














Cupcake Wars Birthday Party with Cootie Catchers and Cupcake Game

by Holly

I must admit, I am a little obsessed with cupcakes.   Not so much eating them, just that they are so adorable!

Lexi’s last birthday party was a Cupcake Wars theme.  The girls LOVED it!!

Come take a look-see:

The girls arrived, and we paired them up into teams of 2.  Each team had to pick a liner, a cake, a frosting, and could decorate however the wanted to.  I also bought flavoring for the frosting, so they could make it bubble gum, watermelon, or cotton candy.  They had food coloring for the frosting and cake if they wanted to change the colors along with some royal icing flowers and hearts I made a few days before, which are like eating candy dots.  Ya can’t eat just one.

Each team had a turn in the kitchen with the mixer

They frosted

and Decorated

The made Charm Bracelets out of Shrinky Dinks.  I bought blank Shrinky Dink paper at Michaels, and printed about 6 different cupcake outlines.  Once they were done coloring and cutting out, I punched a hole with a hole puncher in the top of each one.  Baked, and made them into bracelets.  Cute little cupcake keepsake.

They also played with Cootie Catchers!!  I made these in Adobe Photoshop.  You can download my template for free and personalize them for your party or print a Birthday one.  I loved these when I was a little girl, and still do.  Aren’t they fun!  Click here:



As for the table-cloth,  I was happy to find this cupcake fabric at JoAnn’s.  I just finished the edges.  Easy Peasy.

Yes.  I blinged the plates and cups.  They loved it!!  I also took jewelry wire and wrapped letter beads around their silverware and each girl got to take her set home with her.

I also bought Cupcake stands from orientaltrading.com  to display their creations. They were great, just a little on the flimsy side.  Not complaining for the price, just sayin, they aren’t Waterford.

Yes, Jack crashed the Girly Party!!

They are girly girls, so of course, they got silly silly!

Make a wish Lexi Monet!!  You’re 9!!

Wouldnt’ you know it, I didn’t get a pic of all the finished cupcakes.  Some of them were really cute.  They all displayed the best ones in the cupcake stands, and all won prizes for prettiest, funniest, cutest, most loveable, and a few other fun titles.  Then I packaged them all up in some clear cupcake containers I bought from the bakery. They each got an assortment to take home of everyone’s creations.

After all the cupcake fun, they went for a dip in the jacuzzi

Had make-overs

Told some ghost stories

Stayed up half the night giggling.

In the morning, they all went on a treasure hunt to find goodie bags.

It was a really fun doing a cupcake party.  We have such great memories of it, it inspired me to designed the Bake a Cupcake game for her.  Out of everything I’ve ever sewn for her, this is her very favorite thing.  Take a look-see:


Free Wish for the Birthday Girl!!

Hope you enjoyed Lexi’s 9th birthday as much as we did. It’s a theme with endless ideas.

Cutie Candles and Baby Changing Station

by Holly

Cutie Candles

How fun are these! All you need is a Cutie and some Olive Oil!

Cut a Cutie, a.k.a. Clementine Orange, around the middle, peel in half, cut a cute shape out of the top,  (hearts would be so cute for Valentine’s Day) use the pulp stem in the bottom half as a wick, fill with olive oil, light the pulp, and enjoy your little Cutie candle.  Will burn for hours.  Do not leave unattended, and always be careful playing with fire.

Diaper Changing Station done in the hoop

Perfect little gift for Baby!  Diaper and Wipe Carrier done in one hooping!


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