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Our little Elf on the Shelf is back!

by Holly

Our little Elf on the Shelf, “MeMarkle” is up to his antics again!!  Take a peek at what he’s been doing:

We went to Disneyland the other day, and our little elf decided to get into the Disney spirit, Mickey ears Elf size! The kids thought he was so cute.  They wished they could take him with us, but if we touch him, he’ll loose his magic.

Here is Jack on Scream for the very 1st time. (with Danny and Lexi)  He is FINALLLLLY tall enough!  He rode it 4 times in a row.  Love Love Loved it!!

He had a little fun in our home office with the copier, the kids loved this one!!  I told them they could color the pages he made.

Lexi has a friend over and they slept under the tree.  (they stayed up half the night giggling)

Soooo, MeMarkle decided he needed a nap from all the fun.  He made a little tissue bed:

Look at this little Fairy Christmas the girls set up all on their own, I think it is the cutest little thing!  (Those are blades of grass trying to grow back from the slip n slide we had play with this summer. It’s not pretty.)

He made a little advent calendar… Have I mentioned my obsession with advent calendars?.  I think we have 6 going.  :)  Thanks MeMarkle for yet another one.

We went to Bass Pro shop the other day, which I highly recommend!! They have a whole Christmas wonderland going on, and the best part, it’s all free!!  Including free pics with Santa:

So guess who else had to sit on Santa’s Lap??

He decorated the play house with lights. This is wild at night when they are flashing all over the room.

I hope you are all having some Christmas fun…  Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.  :)

God Bless,


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

by Holly

Mrs. MeMarkle has been really popular around here!  The kids are loving our Elf on the Shelf having a wife this year!!

She bakes mini Elf Donuts

She Brought a Letter from Santa with Magic Christmas Seeds!  You can download your own on my yahoo group for FREE!!


I used Candy Christmas Sprinkles in the Bags.  You can download these printables on my yahoo group for free

Font is Blackadder on the letter

Elf Tea Party

Our Elf is Flying!! He used Fishing line to hang.   Once the fan is on, he really gets going!!!

So Sleepy from all the shenanigans

A Magic Key!

He found some of our sand from the beach this summer.  He’s a Mermaid Elf! Try saying “MeMarkle the Merry Merman” 3 times quickly!  We have been trying, and laughing ourselves silly.

This is where he is today:

These little Santa’s Mrs. Memarkle is with today were made by my Grandmother.  She passed away when I was only 9 years old.  She made them by hand, and I can’t tell you how much they mean to me. My Mother used to hang them over our fireplace when I was little, and now they hang in my house each year.  On each belt, she has our names.  On for my Mom, my Dad, my sister, brother, and one for me.  Each one has hand painted eyes to match our color.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.  Funny how little things like this are so priceless.

Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!! Our Elf has been having some fun!!

by Holly

Our Elf on the Shelf has a wife!!

We would like you to meet Mrs. MeMarkle!!

She had a teeny-tiny little letter with her.  It  told the kids all about her, and how she is MeMarkle’s Wife.  They loved it!!  I wonder what girly things she will do??

Click here for Tutu Tutorials:


MeMarkle made some Elf art in one of the kids toys

Elves love Chocolate.  This one just couldn’t wait!!

Elf in a Flower Garden, (Well, Ella’s hair bows) Hey, are you wearing Lexi’s Beads?

Elf making Snow Angels in Flour

Are you kidding us?  You made the milk Red? Silly Elf!!

Ahhh, always nice to have help with the laundry.  Thanks MeMarkle!  XOXO

Our Elf T.P.’d the entire inside of our house!  Toilet paper everywhere!!!  Big streams flying through the air!! The kids had so much fun going through the maze of T.P. just to get to breakfast!

Free Horsey Rides in Ella’s Room!!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas- Meet Our Elf: MeMarkle

by Holly

The Elf on the Shelf is one of the best things about Christmas time with kids.  If you don’t have one.  GET ONE!  They bring so much joy to little ones everyday!! (Target has a few Elves hanging around looking for good homes.)

I would like for you to meet our Elf.  His name is MeMarkle.  He has visited our house for many years, and we consider him part of the family.

This is what he has been up to this year:

He showed up riding a truck, with a trail of 27 cars behind him.  One for each day until Christmas.  Each day Jack takes down one car.  When they are all gone, Christmas will be here!

He’s a clean little Elf.  Always taking bubble baths…

MeMarkle!!  Get out of Mommy’s village!  You know you’re not suppose to play in there!

Kissing Punzle Dolly in Ella’s room!  He really likes the Princesses!!

He left the kids a message with toothpaste.  So nice of him to leave new toothbrushes for the kids.

He also babysits while Mommy and Daddy have dinner.  Wow, such a helpful little Elf.

I’ll give you an update later this month on what MeMarkle is up to.  I am sure we have lots of fun coming our way!!

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