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Piggy Bank Mad Money

Piggy Banks

by Holly

I am not sure why I love Piggy Banks so much?  Maybe because they hold treasure, that holds dreams, that can eventually bring great joy to the beholder.  No one ever saves for anything bad, it’s always something grand, exciting, or fun.  I love it!!  Piggy banks for Everyone!!

Each Piggy is done in one hooping, easy peasy!!  Piggy Banks in 3 sizes: 4×4, 5×6, & 6×7

Click on this link to get to the Piggy Banks:


 This little piggy could also be for Laundry Money, Funny Money, Swear Piggy, (you have to pay the piggy every time you say a bad word) Vacation Money, Gas Money, Hopes & Dreams, Bingo Money, scrapbook money.

A set of 3: Give, Save, Live

Love the set of 3…

Jack’s Piggy had to be Baseball fabric,  He’s my little baseball Star! 

What will your piggy say?

Easter Fun for the Kids

by Holly

For the last week of school, before spring break, I always send something fun to school each day for the kids.

Here are a few of the things I have been up to this week:

I made snack bags for them, (I know, Ella is too little for school, but she can bring her snacks when we go on our Easter picnic in the park.)

The font I use is new, and I have to say, I am loving it!  The fill pattern is a diamond fill, and well, it makes me happy.  :) Maybe it’s the diamonds… Here’s the link for the font:


I painted some white Lunch bags for when we go on our annual picnic to the Easter Eggstravaganza.

Here is how I did it:

I made hair clips for the girls with these little bunnies I bought, and since I have a whole bag of them,  I hot glued them on to the ends of the spoons too!  :) 

“Easter Egg Lunch Hunt” I fill 3-5 eggs each day to stick in the lunch pails, snack bags and back packs. Sometimes it’s a toy, or a little eraser, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s a coupon to go someplace fun.  When I pick them up from school each day, they can’t wait to tell me what they found in the eggs during the day.  The smiles on their little faces make it all worth it.  :)

Yes.  I dyed the egg salad sandwiches.  Hard boil, peel, take the yolk out, soak for a few hours in food coloring.  Mix as usual. Easy Peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Hoppy Day!














Fairy Herb Garden

by Holly

Spring is in the Air!!  Time to grow a garden!!

Mar 20th is the 1st day of spring, soooooooo, we decided to make a herb garden that would also welcome fairies!

Turn a $1 bird house from JoAnn’s into a Fairy houseDraw Guidelines for a door    

Make husband stop what he is doing to cut out the doors.  (Fairy Emergency!)

My Girl Scouts making gardens.  They all turned out sooo cute!!

Paint some rocks to look like friendly bugs

Leave some food for the fairies on tiny tables and chairs.  These are friendship beads, we know that real fairies like to eat a sugar and honey.

Fairies love to dance around the pond

Make some signs for your garden.  We are growing herbs in this garden, but we also did a flower garden in another pot.  It’s fun to have them sitting on our kitchen counter.  Can’t wait to see a spout!! 

Maybe, just maybe, a fairy will visit.  :)

over the rainbow

Rainbow Art Party!!

by Holly

Rainbow Art Party for Lexi Monet’s 10th Birthday!

I had so much fun with this party theme! Love It!

The Invite:

 A little art portfolio made from a paint chip of course.  :)  I photo shopped a bunch of pics of Lexi, put them on a strip of paper, folded , and glued them to make a little art book.

When you open the portfolio these are the pages you see:


Rainbow Food and Drinks

BBQ and Rainbow fun!!


Fortune Drinks!  Drop a few drops of food coloring in each glass, fill with ice, and let the girls pick a glass.  Then fill them with 7Up.  As the 7Up fills the glass the color magically appears. The girls loved it!

Paint Chip Silverware holders.  I quickly sewed 2 of them together with a fun stitch.  :)

Paint Chips!  Yes, actually Paint your chips!!! Ranch dip mix in all colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Mashed Potatoes.  So weird to eat blue mashed potatoes.

Over the Rainbow Fruit Kabobs.  Love this one!!  Just slice off a little on the bottom of the melon so it stands up straight 


See the paint chip Birthday banner?  :)  Love it!!

The Freckle Game

  Girls have 1 minute to put as many freckles on their friend’s face.  Freckles were made from hole punching construction paper.  Freckles applied with water.  The girls LOVE LOVE LOVED this game!!

They even Freckled Ella!

Draw a Friend Game: 

Have girls sit in a circle, and give each girl a piece of paper, and ask them to write their name on the paper. Draw a circle, pass right, draw an eye, pass right,  another eye, pass right, draw hair, pass right, and so on… Girls loved to see the final portraits.  It was a good laugh.

We hung them all up on the window for everyone to see. Later they became the cover for each art portfolio the girls took home.

Guess Your way down the Rainbow Game

Line the ground with two rows of rainbow construction paper.  All girls start at the end of the rainbow.  I held a small toy in either my right or left hand for each round.   Girls had to decide to stand on the left red or right red square.  If they guess the correct hand, they get to advance to the next color of the rainbow.  First girl to the end of the rainbow wins!  They loved it so much they asked to play again.


Time for Cupcakes!!

Paint Chip Cupcake topper.  I just cut strips, rolled them, pulled to get them to stay, and hot glued onto a circle card stock.  I also made them to go in the girl’s hair by hot gluing them onto hair clips.  Super easy and love how they turned out!

Inside I did the cake rainbow by using white cake mix, separating into little bowls, coloring each bowl, and spooning in one color at a time into each cupcake.  Everyone of them got eaten.  Loved the fun little rainbow cakes!!

The paint palettes were so last-minute!!  I printed a page of paint palettes to use as a template.  I piped melted chocolate on wax paper with template under as a guide.  I let them dry, turned them over and piped royal icing dots on the top.  I finished them all in about 30 minutes. :)


Before the party, I painted No.2 pencils and sealed them with acrylic spray to go in the art portfolios.



Paint Chip Banner!! (We call this the Tree house, even though it is not in a tree, the girls had lunch up there.  It’s the secret non-parent place)

Close up of this kind of bow.  Again, hot glue and paint chip strips. Have I mentioned I had a too much fun with paint chips?

Finally Lexi opened all of her presents. 


Happy 10th Birthday to our little Lexi Monet!!  We are so proud of you, and love you so much!!  So lucky to be your Mommy. Hugs

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