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bunny bait

Bunny Bait & Bunny Nails

by Holly

Spring Break is happening over here!!  We decided to make some Bunny Bait for Family Movie Night, since we were seeing the movie “Hop” (BTW, was adorable!!) We just had to have a bunny snack. They kids loved it!  We let them plan the whole night.  We brought down blankets and pillows, put on our cozies, turned out all the lights, lit candles, and got to drink soda with our popcorn and Bunny Bait.  I must admit, even my husband and I thought the Bunny Bait was yummy!  You just have to try it!

Anyway, our first batch, we used dark chocolate, (which I think tasted better, but not as cute)  (didn’t have white in the house) 


3 little Movie Buffs:

We loved it so much we decided to try it with white chocolate:

Here is what we used:

Here is the chocolate I used for the dark chocolate.  It was yummy yummy, just not as cute:

Pop popcorn, 1 bag.  Break a few hand fulls of pretzels, melt full bag of choc in microwave, (or jar as pictured above) pour over popcorn and pretzels, stir until coated completely. Add in bag of M&M’s, stir just a little so they stick, pour on to wax paper, sprinkle with sprinkles, and wait for it to dry.

original recipe from here: http://www.nestofposies-blog.com/2011/01/valentine-confetti.html

Here are some favors Lexi and I made to pass out to Lexi’s  Girl Scout Sisters.  Love it!!

 Bunny Nails for Lexi

I painted these using the end of a stylus.  Super easy to do. Just pour our a little nail polish on a plastic surface.  Make 3 circles, (a bigger one for the face) and pull them together.  Dot. Dot. Dot. Eyes and a nose.  Volia!  Bunny Nails.

 Here is the stylus I have.  Love it!!  I use it to make perfect polka dots on nails.  Just pour out the color polish you want, and dot, dot, dot!! Great for flowers and Lady Bug Dots too!

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

by Holly

Ahh.. Spring time.  Time to plant our favorite flowers in the garden…


This is what happens when the kids are sick of Mommy’s photo shoot.   Lexi was just 4 when I did these, and Jack just a little baby.  I still love these pics.  Thought I would share.  :)


Easter Fun for the Kids

by Holly

For the last week of school, before spring break, I always send something fun to school each day for the kids.

Here are a few of the things I have been up to this week:

I made snack bags for them, (I know, Ella is too little for school, but she can bring her snacks when we go on our Easter picnic in the park.)

The font I use is new, and I have to say, I am loving it!  The fill pattern is a diamond fill, and well, it makes me happy.  :) Maybe it’s the diamonds… Here’s the link for the font:


I painted some white Lunch bags for when we go on our annual picnic to the Easter Eggstravaganza.

Here is how I did it:

I made hair clips for the girls with these little bunnies I bought, and since I have a whole bag of them,  I hot glued them on to the ends of the spoons too!  :) 

“Easter Egg Lunch Hunt” I fill 3-5 eggs each day to stick in the lunch pails, snack bags and back packs. Sometimes it’s a toy, or a little eraser, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s a coupon to go someplace fun.  When I pick them up from school each day, they can’t wait to tell me what they found in the eggs during the day.  The smiles on their little faces make it all worth it.  :)

Yes.  I dyed the egg salad sandwiches.  Hard boil, peel, take the yolk out, soak for a few hours in food coloring.  Mix as usual. Easy Peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Hoppy Day!














Fairy Herb Garden

by Holly

Spring is in the Air!!  Time to grow a garden!!

Mar 20th is the 1st day of spring, soooooooo, we decided to make a herb garden that would also welcome fairies!

Turn a $1 bird house from JoAnn’s into a Fairy houseDraw Guidelines for a door    

Make husband stop what he is doing to cut out the doors.  (Fairy Emergency!)

My Girl Scouts making gardens.  They all turned out sooo cute!!

Paint some rocks to look like friendly bugs

Leave some food for the fairies on tiny tables and chairs.  These are friendship beads, we know that real fairies like to eat a sugar and honey.

Fairies love to dance around the pond

Make some signs for your garden.  We are growing herbs in this garden, but we also did a flower garden in another pot.  It’s fun to have them sitting on our kitchen counter.  Can’t wait to see a spout!! 

Maybe, just maybe, a fairy will visit.  :)

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