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Bling Party for Bunco

by Holly

I hosted Bunco last night and I had a Bling Theme {{Squeal}}  I had a license to bling everything!  Sadly I was so busy socializing I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  Take a peek at the ones I did take:

My invitations were little purses.  I am a firm believer the invitation sets the tone for any event.  I did these on my Gazelle.  I am still new to using it, but love the results:

Inside the purse:

As the Ladies arrived, I blinged everyone eyes with sticky rhinestones I bought at Michael’s.   It was fun.  (again, too busy gabbing to take pics!)

I Mod Podged the rims of the glasses and added glitter.  The pic doesn’t show it, but these were really sparkly!

Everyone was handed a glass of wine right after we blinged their faces.   I added a few stones to all the bottles, even the water bottles.  These are to 2 we started with, ahem…

For dinner we served a spread of yummy goodness.  I did a bake potato bar with chicken, brocoli, sour cream, cheese, green onions, smothered in creamy Alfredo.  The biggest hit of the night was my fruit salsa.  Everyone couldn’t stop talking about it!!  Some when back for 4ths!

1 box   strawberries

1 box raspberries

2 kiwis

2 apples ( I used Gala)

sugar to taste

Chop fine, mix and chill for 20 minutes

For the Chips, my friend Nicole (who gave me the idea) uses Cinnamon Pita Chips.  I couldn’t find them at my store, so I made them out of flour tortillas. They were AWESOME!

Flour tortillas cut into strips, dip in melted butter, dip in cinnamon and sugar and bake at 350 for 12 minutes.

I will be making this again and again.  It’s my new favorite yummy!

I blinged the silverware, the serving trays, the soap dispensers… The people.  Everything had some bling bling!!

We have 16 girls in our Bunco group with 4 tables.  Each table had a little sign with the table number.  3 dice, one with a wild side, (covered with glitter of course), a bell at the head table, (which I should have blinged) Pencils I decorated, and score cards with my bling font and rhinestones glued on the rings.  For our spoons we passed around a giant pink stone.  I sprinkled gems on every table along with blinged candy bowls

 I searched and searched for a Bling font. Nothing! Sooo I created one!! I used it all over the place.  Here is a close up of what I printed:

My pencils..  I had Hubby cut the eraser ends off of new No.2 pencils in the garage.  I painted them pink, sprayed with acrylic spray, and glued a rhinestone on the end you would normally sharpen.  Then I sharpened the end that the eraser was cut off.  Love how they turned out.

I always have a little side game going.  Every time someone rolls a bunco, they get to visit the magnet board hanging next to the head table and pick a bling magnet to keep.  On the bottom of some of them it said “win”  If the picked a winning bling magnet, they won another blinged out prize.

For this I used a $1 cookie sheet, painted it pink and white, Mod Podged, glittered and blinged.  Hubby drilled 2 holes in one end so I could hang with a ribbon.

For dessert we had an Ice cream bar with all the fixings.  Yummy!

Here is a pic of Me with one of my BFF’s Debbie I’ve known since high school.  We had so much fun doing our make-up together before the party. .  This pic was taken on a iPhone, so it’s not easy to see all the glitter on our eyes.  A couple of Hoochy Mamas!!

Hope you enjoyed all the sparkle.  :)  My floors look like the glittery streets in Hollywood.  Where are those mice to help clean up this mess?

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