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Monthly Archives: April 2012
ice cream

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

by Holly

I scream! You Scream!  We all scream for Ice Cream!!

What can I say?  I know it’s only April, but I can’t wait for summer to get here.  It was hot today, and the kids were in the pool, so I had to make something summery-yummy! 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Carmel Ice Cream Cones!!

Here is a pic of mine.  It was just as tasty as it looks.  Carmel dripping all over the place.  It was wild!

So here’s how easy they are:  I love these little chocolate cups.  You can get them in the grocery store by the fresh strawberries, they are called “Dolci”.  They are the best!!  Heat in the microwave, dip, and throw them away.  Zero mess!

I crunched up Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, and I have to tell you, if you haven’t tried it on vanilla ice cream, you need to.  It’s Amazing!!  Add a little carmel, maybe a banana.  Trust me, your mouth will smile, (FOR A WEEK!) 

So dip, sprinkle the crunched cereal, and add sprinkles, anything you have in your stash.  Then Set on a piece of parchment paper to dry.

Find some kids, (and adults, a-hem) and start scooping!!

Then make them all smile at you, when all they really wanna do is eat the yummy treat you just gave them! 

baseball cookies for the team

Baseball Fun and Fabric Flower Hair Clips

by Holly

Baseball Fun!!

Jack is 5 and just started Baseball.  Sooooo, when it was our turn for snack, I just had to make baseball cookies.  They were super easy and  a hit!  Even the coaches loved them.  (Usually guys aren’t as excited about cute cookies, but these seemed to do the trick! They Loved them!)

Click here for the tutorial to make cookies: 


I bagged them  with other snacks and goodies, in white bags, added each players name in a baseball font, and tied with Blue (team colors) ribbon with this cute little baseball bead I bought at OrientalTrading.com  (also bought baseball stickers from OTC I used on the backs of the cookie bags to hold the bags shut, and to stick on top of the drink bottles.)  Super cute!!  The kids have had fun making baseball bracelets with the extra beads.  So glad I bought them.

 Here is my handy-dandy wagon I love to hang signs on…  It gets a lot of use…  Girl Scout cookies, Baseball snacks…  this wagon has some tales to tell…


Rah Rah Rah!!  Ella is cheering Jack on!!  Go #8!!!

Here is a close up of the flower in her hair and the socks on her feet:

(See below for more flower clips)

Here is the Tutorial for the Socks:


Here is the tutorial for the Fabric Flowers and Hair Clips


Here’s my little man coming in for a home run!!Batter UP!I got it!!  (love the tounge sticking out!!)#1 Pitcher

Here is TheYummyFactory Baseball Font:


Here is a double pink one I did with lace and tulle:


Covered Hair Clips for my little Ella Rose:

Future Bottle of Wine

Wine Tasting in Temecula

by Holly

YaY!!  A Mommy-Daddy mini Vacation!!  Danny and I dropped the kiddies off at Ga Ga’s house, and spent 2 days touring the wineries in Temecula and catching up on some R & R.

Here is Danny opening the door for me at the 1st winery.  Let the fun begin…

While w were at a tasting, we met the nicest family.   They invited us back to their home to tour their private winery.  OMG  It was gorgeous!!!  As we sat on their patio over-looking their vineyard, sipping yummy wine made right there from their grapes  I thought, “Wow, this is a perfect afternoon!”

Here’s my glass.  Just look at the blue sky!!  Perfect sun-shiny day!

Love this pic I took of some baby grapes.  How awesome to walk out into a real wine vineyard!

The vineyard went on and on for acres…

We visited their testing room where it all happens.  We learned all about how they make it, test it, and bottle it.  So much work to make a bottle of wine.  I had no idea.  I guess I need to appreciate each glass a little more.

 We couldn’t have planned a more perfect trip if we tried.  Thank you to Mark and his family for inviting us to visit your vineyard.  It was wonderful!

Check out these easy little in the hoop Wine Charms from TYF:


Wine a little. You’ll feel better…




bunny bait

Bunny Bait & Bunny Nails

by Holly

Spring Break is happening over here!!  We decided to make some Bunny Bait for Family Movie Night, since we were seeing the movie “Hop” (BTW, was adorable!!) We just had to have a bunny snack. They kids loved it!  We let them plan the whole night.  We brought down blankets and pillows, put on our cozies, turned out all the lights, lit candles, and got to drink soda with our popcorn and Bunny Bait.  I must admit, even my husband and I thought the Bunny Bait was yummy!  You just have to try it!

Anyway, our first batch, we used dark chocolate, (which I think tasted better, but not as cute)  (didn’t have white in the house) 


3 little Movie Buffs:

We loved it so much we decided to try it with white chocolate:

Here is what we used:

Here is the chocolate I used for the dark chocolate.  It was yummy yummy, just not as cute:

Pop popcorn, 1 bag.  Break a few hand fulls of pretzels, melt full bag of choc in microwave, (or jar as pictured above) pour over popcorn and pretzels, stir until coated completely. Add in bag of M&M’s, stir just a little so they stick, pour on to wax paper, sprinkle with sprinkles, and wait for it to dry.

original recipe from here: http://www.nestofposies-blog.com/2011/01/valentine-confetti.html

Here are some favors Lexi and I made to pass out to Lexi’s  Girl Scout Sisters.  Love it!!

 Bunny Nails for Lexi

I painted these using the end of a stylus.  Super easy to do. Just pour our a little nail polish on a plastic surface.  Make 3 circles, (a bigger one for the face) and pull them together.  Dot. Dot. Dot. Eyes and a nose.  Volia!  Bunny Nails.

 Here is the stylus I have.  Love it!!  I use it to make perfect polka dots on nails.  Just pour out the color polish you want, and dot, dot, dot!! Great for flowers and Lady Bug Dots too!

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

by Holly

Ahh.. Spring time.  Time to plant our favorite flowers in the garden…


This is what happens when the kids are sick of Mommy’s photo shoot.   Lexi was just 4 when I did these, and Jack just a little baby.  I still love these pics.  Thought I would share.  :)


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