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Valentine’s and a Toddler Wedding!

by Holly

Toddler Wedding

I had to share this.  It was just too cute.  Lexi and her BFF Bella wanted to be sisters.  Soooo, they decided to marry off their little brother and sister and we were all invited to a surprise wedding!!

They dressed up the Bride and Groom with clothes they found in the closets. They did Ella’s hair with glitter and a tiara.  Beach towels for the aisle, Rose Petals, Cake, and Vows.  Of course , all the Beanie Boo were guests.  The flowers were picked from the yard to make the bouquet. They had Danny walk Ella down the aisle, while Bella played the wedding march on a kazoo. The Groom waited for her with his Daddy as the best man.  It was a perfect little wedding.

Feeding each other cake:

Tossing the bouquet:

The Ring:

The happy little Bride:

a little history on these babies

My BFF Calista pinky swore years ago that if I ever had another baby, she would have one too.  When I got pregnant with Ella, they started trying right away.  It took them 2 1/2 years, a miscarriage, and a tubal pregnancy before she got pregnant with this little guy.  He just turned one a few days ago, and we just love him to pieces!!  Thanks for following through on the pinky swear Calista, I love you!

Fun for Valentine’s Day

My Girl Scout Troop was earning their Jewelery Making Patch last night, and I decided to add this one I found on Pinterest in as a started activity.  The girls really had fun with this one.  They wore them through the whole meeting and kept flashing their bling!  Lexi and Jack are going to pass these out to the girls in class on Valentine’s Day.  Easy and Cute!!  Love it!

Hersey Kiss Rings:

 Heart S’mores!!  I had fun making these.  They were quick and easy.  I did them in about 45 mins and the girls loved them.  Perfect little snack for our busy meeting.

Heart Shaped S’mores

Wishing you all a Happy Heart Day!! Now go make something for someone you love!

Valentine’s Day Bunco Party Ideas and Flower Pencils

by Holly

I threw a Valentine Bunco Party.   Take a peek:

I covered the 1′s with heart stickers.  This makes them wild!!

My tables had to be festive too.  Chocolate covered heart pretzels and candy hearts to eat.  Silk Rose petals all over the tables:

and ALL over the floor:

The kids loved these!!  We kept them for a week. (they are silk, bought at Michael’s)

Berries in the Bubbly:

I made Heart Shaped Ice for the ice bucket.  I added real roses I picked in the yard.   I must admit,  I love these.

I found heart-shaped cheese ravioli at Costco.  Then, we (and when I say we, I mean my husband) dipped them in buttermilk, rolled them in Italian bread crumbs,  fried them up in olive oil, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  Yummy Yummy!

Marinara dipping sauce ( in chaffing dish to keep it warm) for dipping the ravioli:

Yummy Salad to go with:

For dessert, Personal Fondue for everyone:  Plates of Berries, Chocolate Fondue for dipping. and a Strawberry Cupcake.

Rose Pencils for Score Keeping:

To make the pencils:

These are the regular #2 yellow pencils I painted.  Just keep dabbing on Pink and white acrylic paint.  Once dry, coat with acrylic spray.

Stack them, and sew along the edge, ( I like to use a ruffler foot on my machine)

Hot Glue to the end of the pencil, and wrap and glue as you go.  Wrap until you like the thickness of your flower.

Trip to the Snow

by Holly

Let me start off by saying, we are beach people.  Warm weather and sand under our toes.  That’s our thing.  We live in Southern California, and can wear flip-flops almost all year.  Feeling like a bad mom because our kids haven’t been to the snow very much, we decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe for 8 days!  So thankful to our friends Michael and Calista for inviting our family to go with them. 4 adults and 6 kids.  Defiantly a recipe for a good time!  They had sleds, jackets, snow pants, gloves, snow boots for all of us.  It was great!!  The kids had the time of their lives!!  Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, sledding, ice skating outside at Heavenly, Circus Circus, hot wings, and of course I had crafts going all the time in the cabin.  I know, I am crazy, but I didn’t want them to get cabin fever.  Funny ha ha, Lexi thought cabin fever is something you catch, and get an actual fever.  Made me laugh.  Danny and I aren’t much better.  While driving up, our window was dirty, and Danny decided to wash it.  It froze all over the window.  LOL  We are so out of our element. and to think I used to go snow skiing all the time before I had kids.  I need to do that. I really love it.

On Jan 1st we started our smash books.  I brought books for all the kids in the cabin.  I cut out their names with my Gazelle, and stickers to decorate.  Here is Bella’s.  I think it turned out cute.  Jack’s has dogs all over it.  It’s adorable too.  I need to take a pic.

We colored the snow with food coloring in water bottles.  Kids thought this was really fun.  The cabin is on a huge lot, so they had a giant canvas to paint.

And..  The Fairy Town…  Complete with colored snow and glitter.

I hot glued rhinestones on gloves for all the girls.  They loved them because they liked looking like they were wearing giant diamond rings.

I also did a pair of mittens for little Ella with Heart shaped rhinestones. (Matching bling on her socks too.  Love it!)

We cooked all kinds of fun things in the cabin.  We made Playdough, Cinnamon Snowflakes and Peanut Butter Balls.  We decorated gingerbread men, and played games.  It was a really relaxing trip.  Much needed after all the Christmas excitement.

Cinnamon Snowflakes:

Flour Tortilla, fold twice, cut out little triangles here and there.  Unfold. Fry in butter in a fry pan on both sides until it browns.  Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on both sides immediately.  Eat and enjoy!  We made a stack of these and they were gone in a flash!

“Mommy’s Famous Peanut Butter Balls”

Do you like the name? My kids are too funny.  Everything that tastes good is famous.  These are one of their VERY favorite things I make.  definitely making the A list.  These were so popular in the cabin, I had to make them, not once, but twice!!  No bake, and fun to make!!  Love it!  These are easy, and great to take to a party. You can make them heart-shaped, egg-shaped, decorate to match your theme. You can download the recipe on my Yahoo group under files.  Lots of other freebies on there too!  Click on the Pic to get there.  Bet ya can’t eat just one!!

Free Smash Book Journal for the New Year

by Holly

Soooo, I love to do scrapbooks, but sadly, I hardly ever do it.  Soooo, I decided to keep a journal this year, where I could add pictures, doodles, and whatever strikes my fancy.  I also had my Girl Scout troop do them, and made one for my sister.  I am really excited about this silly little book.  You can download a free PDF on my yahoo group under files so you can make one too!

Click on this link for my yahoo group, it is under files, printable goodies, smash book: 

Yummy Yahoo Group

This entire book is printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ copy paper.  All cut in half to make 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ pages.

For the cover, I cut a cereal box up and covered with scrapbook paper on both sides.  (glued with rubber cement) Which I have plans to add rhinestones and a Giant glitter H to soon.  Mama likes her bling!

I added water-color pages to mine.  Here is a silly doodle painting I started of my kids:

The date tabs are 2″ square scrapbook paper folded in half, glued with rubber cement, and I wrote the months on them. 

These are my favorite pens, Precise.  They are great for doodles and fancy letters.  This rubber cement pick up, is one of the things I couldn’t live without.  I rubber cement, everything, and this makes it all nice and neat.  :)  Rubber cement dries quick, and doesn’t warp paper with a thin coat.  It is a must in any craft room.

There are questions in your printable for each day of the year.  I copied the original set from here, and amended a bit.

Each month has pretty scrapbook pages added to glue pictures on, graph paper, lined paper,  water-color paper and envelopes in the back to stash things in.  The binder is the perfect place to keep a pen.  I have a flower pen in mine, it is perfect, because the flower holds it in place.  (Plus is it cute and makes me happy)

I added an answer page:

I added this page to my sisters book just to be funny.  I put a little tab on it that said, start here.  She got a good laugh from it.

Here is me teaching my Girl Scouts how to write a little fancy. (Not my best work)  This download included a page on how to fancy up your letters too.  I was so impressed with how well they did with their letters.  Really talented little bunch.  :)

Each month has a themed page..  Imagination, Inspire, Believe, Dream, Love, Hope, Friends, Faith, Trust, Happiness, Pretty, Create

Here is my binder.  Bought this at an office store, and have to say, love it!  Super easy to use!  If you do not have a binder, and do not plan on getting one, you can also punch holes, and lace with ribbons.

Happy 2013 my friends.  Cheers!

Christmas Projects I’ve been working on…

by Holly

Sooo, it’s Christmas and I have been crafting my little heart out!!  I have too many projects to post right now, but here are a few:

1st… a freebie for you!!

You can download these little Snowman Hand Warmers free right now on my Facebook page. 

They are sure to warm your hands and your hearts.  :)

Painted Chip Clips

 I decided to pretty up cloths pins.  Some of them are modge podged with scrap book paper, and some I hand painted, (the roses, and the polka dots are painted ) and of course some bling! 

How to Paint Easy Roses and Polka Dots

To paint the roses, (2nd, 4th, and 7th in top row) Painted clips all pink and let them dry.  Then swirl pink and white together on the clips .  I use the acrylic paint from Michaels, Craft Smart, they are about $.50 each, and come in a bunch of colors. The leaves were easy peasy, just dip your paint brush in green and white, and paint one little stroke.   For easy polka dots, use the other end of your paint brush.  Just dot dot dot… Give it a try.  I did these one afternoon with the kids.  We always have fun painting together.  We talk, laugh, and paint.  It’s one of our favorite things to do.

We had so much fun, we did a set for all the Aunties and Grandmas for Christmas, can you tell what my favorite color is?  I need to think outside the box a little more on colors, but I can’t help it.  Pink just makes me so happy.  :)

I finally got my Gazelle (by BossKut) paper cutter turned on, and here is my 1st project I did with vinyl letters on a drink cup,(and a little bling of course.)  I have to tell you, I am in love!!  I can tell this machine and I are going to be great friends:

Hope everyone is having fun crafting this season!

Merry CHRISTmas,


Our little Elf on the Shelf is back!

by Holly

Our little Elf on the Shelf, “MeMarkle” is up to his antics again!!  Take a peek at what he’s been doing:

We went to Disneyland the other day, and our little elf decided to get into the Disney spirit, Mickey ears Elf size! The kids thought he was so cute.  They wished they could take him with us, but if we touch him, he’ll loose his magic.

Here is Jack on Scream for the very 1st time. (with Danny and Lexi)  He is FINALLLLLY tall enough!  He rode it 4 times in a row.  Love Love Loved it!!

He had a little fun in our home office with the copier, the kids loved this one!!  I told them they could color the pages he made.

Lexi has a friend over and they slept under the tree.  (they stayed up half the night giggling)

Soooo, MeMarkle decided he needed a nap from all the fun.  He made a little tissue bed:

Look at this little Fairy Christmas the girls set up all on their own, I think it is the cutest little thing!  (Those are blades of grass trying to grow back from the slip n slide we had play with this summer. It’s not pretty.)

He made a little advent calendar… Have I mentioned my obsession with advent calendars?.  I think we have 6 going.  :)  Thanks MeMarkle for yet another one.

We went to Bass Pro shop the other day, which I highly recommend!! They have a whole Christmas wonderland going on, and the best part, it’s all free!!  Including free pics with Santa:

So guess who else had to sit on Santa’s Lap??

He decorated the play house with lights. This is wild at night when they are flashing all over the room.

I hope you are all having some Christmas fun…  Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.  :)

God Bless,


Fairy Wishing Kit

by Holly

I had to make this little bag.  Both of my girls are all about fairies.  We have all kinds of fairy books, we make fairy gardens, and we are always trying to see one.  It’s so magical, and I love every minute of it.

Everytime we go anywhere,  it seems we can’t pass a fountain, pond, or puddle we don’t stop to wish in.

I made this little bag with a magic wishing wand:

It has fabric on both side with an opening at the bottom to insert a pencil or a popsicle stick.  I curled the ribbon, painted a popsicle stick, added some bling, and voila, it’s ready grant wishes!!

Add them to a pencil.  It’s a wand that writes magical things!!

Can also be used as a pencil topper.  Would be adorable as favors for a Fairy Party, or a Princess Party.  I ordered personalized pencils from OrientalTrading.com.  I love them!! I order them for my Girl Scouts, parties, for Christmas, for gifts!!  They are an easy way to make anything have that extra touch of personalization.

Lexi is crazy about rainbows.  So I thought we needed some fairy dust for all the colors in the rainbow.  This printable little card fits in the purse, just incase you need to help anyone decide what kind of wish they need.

Inside the purse there are pockets.  One for Wishes, and one for Dust.  The bigger section of the purse is perfect for a camera.  You never know when you will spot a fairy and if you’re lucky, you will sneak a picture of one!

Everything done in one hooping.  Even the zipper is done in the hoop!!  Love that!!

Here is my little Ella Rose (her name actually means Beautiful Fairy) So she is my little Fairy Flower.  :)  She is passing out wishes!!

The wishes are about 1″ and thick.  They have stiff felt in the middle, so they are fun little chunky stars.  Lexi wants a million of them.  Looks like I will be making some more.  The good news, I can do a bunch of them in one hooping.

Ella getting out more wishes.  She’ll be granting them all day!!  What do you wish for??


Charlie Brown Thanksgivng Party

by Holly

I threw a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Toy Drive Party last night with my Girl Scout troop, and a couple of Jack’s Boy Scouts came too.  It was so much fun!!

I have a download on my yahoo group for all the printables for this party under files:


Charlie Brown water bottle wraps, just print on yellow paper and hot glue:

Of course, we had a traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast just like in the movie:



Jelly Beans and Pretzels

We also had Hot Cocoa.  I printed Peanuts Characters for the tops of the cocoa cups, (I used disposable coffee cups with lids, these can be found at Walmart or Target) I cut out the peanuts characters (in the download) with a 2″ cutter and Hot Glued to the tops.  The kids loved picking their lids:

I even decorated the Cocoa Pot:

I decided to make a Be Thankful Banner to hang in my kitchen, will have it available on TYF before next Thanksgiving I promise ;) :

Here is a close up.  I am loving these little Turkeys.. (available at TheYummyFactory.com) I have them everywhere, I even glued 2 of them on the sides of a cheapy hair clip and stuck it in my hair!

I even glued them to flameless tealights to go with our Scarecrow family, the glittery leaves were in my stash and I hot glued them onto some ribbon, can you tell I was a hot glue queen for a day?

I embroidered our names on felt and hot glued on these little scarecrows.  I just love our little scarecrow family…

Craft Table for the early birds, this table-cloth to color and play game on I found at Wal Mart:

The kids gathered their snacks and found a seat in our movie theater (Our living room)

We watched Charlie Brown try to kick the football, and laughed… (Lucy is so mean!)

After our Movie we had a raffle.  Each kid got one ticket for each toy donated to the toy drive, just look at some of the toys donated that will go to kids that really need a smile this Christmas, (it makes me so happy, such good little deed doers!!):

I passed out a ton of tickets!!

We called the numbers and every kid went home with a prize.   They loved it!

We also played another thanksgiving game the next day, (in the download on yahoo)  Kids have to find the peanuts characters around the house and hole punch their sheets every time they find one.  First one to find them all wins!!

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving,


The Huddleston Family

Dog Birthday Party!!

by Holly

I am so excited to share this 1st birthday party with you!!  My sister-in-law out did herself.  She is a new mom, and new to embroidery.  She did everything so adorable, it just couldn’t stop taking pictures!!  Take a peek at my little nephew Cole’s 1st Birthday Party:

She sewed out a Birthday Banner from TheYummyFactory:

She embroidered a YummyFactory High Chair Banner:

She made TYF in the hoop dogs for all the kids to adopt:

Kids loved coloring the dogs.  She even had adoption certificates and collars for them.  My Grandma wanted to take one home, so the kids did a pink one with a bow.  I wish I had a picture of them all, they turned out so cute!!

The cookies were sugar cookies and Oreos.  Click on the pic for the tutorial page:

The Paw Print cookies are chocolate dipped Oreos with M & M’s and Hersey Drops.  So cute!!

Cake Pops.  Ears done my letting melted chocolate dry in a spoon, nose is a half of an M & M.  Eyes piped on with royal icing. (recipe in my cookie tutorial.)

She wrapped water bottles,  and fancy tags on the straws

had little bones glued on toothpicks for the cheese picks.  The Dog Bones were made from Pretzel sticks and marshmallows dipped in chocolate.  Really yummy, kind of like a s’more!

Here is our tag on the presents we gave Cole.  I had fun using a paw print in his name on the tag  to go with his theme.

We all sang Happy Birthday to the little man, as Sparklers lit up his cake!!

What a great Party Jennifer!!  I love you!  I am so glad you’re my sister-in-law.




Ghost Buster Lunch fun!

by Holly

My kids have been watching the Ghostbusters movies, and loving them!

Sooooooooo, I decided to play a joke on them. (from their little sister of course)

I glues the 2 circles shown above back to back.  I’m putting this in their morning snack bags for school.  Doesn’t every Ghostbuster need an offical badge?

It says “You might need this at luch today”

Then, when they have lunch, they will find a GHOST!

The Tag says “Hope you have a BOO-tiful Day!” Love, Ella (AKA Boo Boo) ((we call her Boo Boo))

You can download a PDF if you would like to send a Boo-tiful Sucker to a Ghostbuster you know.  Look on my yahoo group under Halloween Fun for the free download:


Ghosts are Dum Dum suckers with an 8″ square piece of white cotton cloth, and Sequin eyes of course.  :)

Here is my very sad attempt to draw pumpkin faces on spoons with a sharpie. The kids love them.  I guess they aren’t as picky as Mommy.

Last but not least, my fun little Napkin Notes:

  These are re-usable napkins.  I embroidered lunch notes on each of them, and have to say, I am really enjoying having these to put in the lunches.  They love telling my about the message they got.

Have a Boo-tiful Day!!


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