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Easter Bunny Freebie and International Fair- Spain

by Holly

New little in the Hoop Freebie for you!!

Little Bunny Foo Foo!  You can download him for Free on my Facebook page for a limited time:

As you some of you know, I am a Girl Scout leader.  I am soooo proud of my girls!!  We just had our International Fair, (which is a HUGE GS event, 40 troops and about 600 people) Our troop took 1st place in the performance competition!!!  The excitement level of my girls was off the charts!!!  They rocked it!!  Lexi is 2nd from the end, standing next to Megan, far right, who has sold over 1200 boxes of cookies this season!! These girls have worked so hard, all selling 300+ boxes each.  Woo Hoo!!  Catalina Island here we come!!!   3 days of snorkeling, kayaking, shopping, and soaking up the sun. Can’t wait!

We represented the country of Spain this year.  In our booth girls visiting our country could come make a flower hair clip with a big rhinestone in the middle, (see the one in Michelle’s hair?)  For food we served Sangerias,(virgin ones) and Churros.  (Official yummies of Spain)  Thank you to Lesley for making ALL those yummy Churros!!  Our little swaps were red mini fans, with bling!

We had a game to win a trip to the treasure box.  See Columbus’ ship in there?

 Each booth has to have a decorated trash can, Ours was a Bull:

For our booth, we made a Spanish Castle, as the Queen of Spain helps Columbus in his discovery of America, sooo, we went Royal!  We made it from a 10 x 10 easy up.  We cut out cardboard, painted them gray, sponged on white to add accents, and attached with zip ties.  Oh, and hot glue.  Lots of hot glue!!

We cut out stone shapes from cardboard, painted them, and hot glued them on. Big thanks to Michelle and Diana.  You guys have some nice mansonry skills.  :)  The sides of the castle were made from the tri-fold display boards, which worked out perfect.  They wrapped around the easy-up poles.  Roses hot glued on too.  What would I do without my hot glue gun!!  I think I own 7 of them.  Love!

Some of the other booths there were so cute, here are a few of my favorites.  The country of France had the cutest trash can.  Just look at this poodle!!   I wanted to steal him!!

The country of Greece made a trash can out of recycled cookie case boxes.  This Trojan horse was Genius!! Love love love the creativity!

After all the festivities over the last few weeks: Lexi’s Birthday, Jack’s Blue and Gold Cub Scout dinner, International fair, and a ton of other things, I finally snuck out with hubby for some Mommy-Daddy time.  I don’t know what I would do without this amazing man who puts up with all my projects! (He even did a cookie booth with Lexi while I was sick with the flu.)


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